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Horizon Plumbing


Because Horizon has 30+ years of proven performance and dependability on complex multifamily plumbing projects. Our client list, history of strong company financials and exceptional bond rate are evidence that we can be counted on to perform consistently on all project types in more than 15 states.

  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Old Fashioned Values with Modern Technology
  • Repeat Client Base
  • Strong Financials
  • Excellent Bond Rate

Our Team

Mark & Gina Keith, President/CEO
Tim O’Brien, Vice President
John Nechanicky, Chief Financial Officer
Paul Creech, Director of Operations
Bryan Huneycutt, Director of Operations

Deanna Lopez, Controller
Larry Burkey, Purchasing
Jeff Wantland, Purchasing
Amanda Fraley, Estimating
Matt Erisman, Estimating
Victoria Miner, Accounts Payable
Taylor Littlejohn, Accounts Payable
Joanne James, Accounting Associate
James Lee, Accounts Receivable
Courtney K. Thorne, HR Manager
Caitlin Creech, Travel Coordinator
David Wheat, Project Manager
Ryan Zamora, Project Manager
Richard Malisauskas, Project Manager
Sean Clark, Project Manager
Louis Dodd, Project Manager
Manoa Galindo, Project Manager
Rudy Bunner, Project Manager
Josh Phillips, Project Manager
Jason Oldejans, Purchasing
Desmond Bunting, Accounts Payable
Rob Ridenour, Project Manager
Trey Lee, Project Engineer
Charles Thorne, IT Support
Cameron Brown, Rental Manager
Lonnie Peeples, Safety Manager